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Commercial Asbestos Survey Southampton

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

If you have a commercial property and you plan on occupying, buying, selling, or demolishing this property you require an Asbestos Survey In Southampton.

What Is An Asbestos Survey?

Our job is to inspect your property to see fi there is any asbestos containing material. There are many materials which can contain asbestos fibres, we have some examples in this post.

Due to the fibres being microscopic they are not visible to the naked eye, this is why you need an expert to survey the property and sample any suspect materials.

If any asbestos is found it is the then sent to be tested to see if it is in fact asbestos and if its harmful. Depending on what the results are you can then continue with the property or look to get the asbestos removed.

Photo by Ivan Samkov: Pexel

Regulations On Asbestos In Southampton UK

Asbestos which was banned for use in 1999 can be extremely harmful to humans if can prove to cause long lasting damage which progressively gets worse.

Since 2012 the Control of Asbestos Regulations says any commercial property needs a survey as it can be harmful to workers or people within as they damage or disrupt the asbestos.

Trusted Asbestos Survey Southampton

Shelter environmental are a trusted survey management service in Hampshire and Southampton. We deal with Asbestos surveys, asbestos management, and asbestos sampling.

To find out more about our asbestos surveys in Southampton please follow this link for more information.

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