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Why Do You Need Asbestos Surveys Portsmouth

If your home was built before 2000 there is likely to be asbestos in the property. If disturbed this can be harmful to your health and should be taken seriously if any renovation are about to take place. There for any demolition or renovation should really be done following an Asbestos Survey.

What Happens If I Have Asbestos In My House?

Asbestos can be relatively safe if left untouched and un damaged. As the problem only occurs when the Asbestos is disturbed.

If you believe you might have disturbed any asbestos in your move its far safer to find advice immediately rather than trying to solve the problem yourself.

If you have any workers coming into the property its also your responsibility to inform them that you have asbestos on this property. Otherwise you can be exposing them to harmful elements in the house.

We love to work local whether its a business or a residential property. If you're in the Portsmouth area, we are the number 1 Asbestos Survey company in Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

Common Location of Asbestos In A Surveys

On metal frames

A sprayed coating applied to metal frames.

Vinyl or thermoplastic products

Textured artex coating

Wall boxing and panelling

Bituminous Items

Corrugated Panels

What We Can Do For Your?

We are an independent specialist providing full asbestos management services to the public and private sectors alike. Locally based, we cover Portsmouth, Southampton as well as Hampshire and across the South of England.

We ensure that businesses are compliant and domestic customers are safe through surveys, testing and management plans. From small scale refurbishment projects and asbestos home buyers surveys to large demolition and industrial projects.

For Asbestos Surveys Portsmouth we are the one to choose and you can get a quote by getting in contact with us today.

Reviews And Customer Feedback

We take asbestos surveys and asbestos removal very seriously. Our Professional team will ensure that every customer leaves happy and the property is left safe. Take a look at some of our trust pilot reviews to see for yourself.

asbestos survey Portsmouth review 1

asbestos survey Portsmouth review 2

asbestos survey Portsmouth review 3

Our Location

We are based in Gosport put we work all over Hampshire and the South East. Take a look through our options below to find out more about specific towns in Hampshire we cover.

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