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How Often Are Asbestos Surveys Required?

Understanding the need for asbestos surveys is crucial, especially in Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, and Chichester, where buildings may contain this hazardous material. Asbestos surveys are key in managing its risks, but how often are they required?

ASbestos surveys in old buildings hampshire

The Legal Landscape in the UK

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 is a pivotal piece of legislation in the UK, outlining the duty of care for employers and building owners to manage asbestos. Notably, a legal requirement to conduct an asbestos survey isn't explicitly stated; however, surveys are a vital step in fulfilling legal duties, especially in commercial and industrial settings​​.

When is an Asbestos Survey Needed?

  1. Non-Domestic Buildings: If you're responsible for a non-domestic property built before 2000, an asbestos survey is typically necessary. This is due to the widespread use of asbestos in buildings before its UK ban in 1999​​.

  2. Residential Properties: While homeowners aren't legally required to have an action plan, understanding and managing asbestos is advised for homes built before 2000​​.

  3. Types of Asbestos Surveys:

  • Management Survey: This survey, combining the old type 1 and type 2 surveys, is fundamental in creating an asbestos management plan. It's less intrusive and focuses on assessing the condition and location of asbestos​​.

  • Refurbishment and Demolition Survey: Required before significant renovations or demolition, this survey is more extensive and aims to identify all asbestos materials​​.

  1. Public Areas of Domestic Buildings: Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations applies to common areas in domestic buildings, like corridors in flats. A management asbestos survey is required in these cases​​.

How Often Are Asbestos Surveys Required testing lab

Updating Asbestos Registers and Surveys

An asbestos register, a document listing all identified or presumed asbestos in a building, is a critical aspect of asbestos management. It should be updated at least annually or following any changes affecting asbestos risks. Regular inspections of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are essential to keep this register current​​.

Specifics for Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, and Chichester

In cities like Gosport, Portsmouth, Southampton, and Chichester, where many buildings were constructed before the asbestos ban, staying vigilant is crucial. Regular surveys and assessments are essential for maintaining safety and compliance with UK laws. Whether it’s a commercial property in Southampton or a historical building in Chichester, understanding and managing the presence of asbestos is a responsibility that cannot be overlooked.


Regular asbestos surveys and diligent management are essential for property owners and managers, especially in areas with older buildings. While the law may not explicitly mandate surveys in all cases, they remain a critical tool in managing the risks associated with asbestos, particularly in commercial settings and public areas of domestic buildings. Regular updates to the asbestos register and compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 ensure both legal adherence and the safety of all occupants.

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