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What Do You Do If You Have Asbestos In Your Portsmouth Property?

Find out what to do if you find asbestos in your home so you can safely carry on with

renovations in your home.

What Is Asbestos And Why Is It Harmful

Asbestos is something commonly used in building materials up until the late 1990-2000’s.

Once discovered that the fibres within the materials can become airborne and cause all

sorts of health damage, asbestos containing materials were not used in construction in

Portsmouth and the rest of the UK. Find out more about the regulations.

Unfortunately, due to this it means that if your property was built before 2000 there is a

good chance that some materials might contain asbestos in the Portsmouth area.

Don’t panic, these materials aren’t harmful until they are disturbed or damaged. This is why

you might need an Asbestos Survey In Portsmouth or any other UK area if your building was

built before 2000.

What Can I Do If I Have Asbestos In My Home?

The first thing to do is contact the professionals as removing asbestos containing materials

can be very dangerous. The health problems often occur many years down the line.

Before making renovations or demolishing any part of your property you need ot get it

surveyed to make sure that the materials won’t get disturbed by the work being carried out.

As well as that if you rent out a property in Portsmouth then you are also liable for your

tenants and need to make sure the survey shows that normal day to day living or

improvements to the home wouldn’t disturb the material.

What Can Be Done After An Asbestos Survey?

If your survey comes back and you can carry on with the work safely then your good to go.

Alternatively, if it’s a case that you need to remove the asbestos. Here at Shelter

Environmental we have some of the best professionals for removing asbestos, testing

asbestos, and also surveying asbestos containing materials.

By using experts in the asbestos survey field, you can relax knowing that all areas will be

covered and no matter what work will be caried out. That you, your fairly or your workers

stay safe and legal before carrying out any work on the property.

How Can Asbestos Containing Material Get Disturbed?

It depends on what the asbestos is in. This can vary, one example is sand papering you’re

ceiling. Many artex ceiling decorations using in the 90s contain asbestos within, meaning

that by scrapping it you’re releasing it into the air.

As well as that, older tiles often have asbestos, so by breaking them with another tool you

can damage the material and release the asbestos fibres.

Generally, you just need to not damage the surface and keep the whole item intact and not


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