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As the housing market continues it steady rise, is asbestos a consideration when making an offer?

The housing market is showing signs of slowing following its unprecedented rise during the most challenging of years. Although growth is still evident it does seem to be a victim of its own success as record prices and lack of new instructions have reduced momentum.

It interests me that the presence of asbestos is low down on the list of priorities, if considered at all. In my opinion this comes down to a lack of freely available information.

Buyers of a certain age may not even be aware of the potential for asbestos to be present within the original build or added during refurbishments over the 1970's, 80's & 90's. Concern of jeopardising any sale means the issue is often skirted around or approached with a level of delicacy.

Having a pre sale survey will stop any nasty surprises from appearing after completion, most properties should they contain asbestos can either allow for it to be managed in situ or removed at a reasonable cost.

I hope that once day in the not too distance future the asbestos survey becomes mandatory as part of the conveyancing process, I do have a vested interest obviously, however safety and transparency should be the driving force behind any changes.

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